Classic / Vintage Buick Eight at a Car Cruise Night. What makes this car so appealing to women?

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This Classic Buick Eight was parked beside another vintage car, a black 50’s T-Bird. The T-Bird also had an extended rear bumper. Very Rare option and all original.

Just another typical Car Cruise Night in Toronto.

I have a thing for 50s T-Birds. So there I was waiting for people to move so that I could take photos of this T-Bird. While waiting I noticed a funny thing happening. Whenever a couple passed the Buick Eight and T-Bird, the male would walk past the Buick with nary a glance. The female would stop in her tracks and admire the Buick. The opposite was true for the T-Bird. The male would admire it, while the female would glance back at the Buick Eight. It was a rather interesting discovery.

I decided to stand back and watch people go past these two autos. I had seen something similar with Exotic cars. The other day there was a 1990 Red Lamborghini Countach parked beside a 2004 Lamborghini silver /grey Murcielago. Red is known to be attractive to women. The couples who checked out this pair of Lambos were interesting to watch. One couple in particular. The female looked at the red Countach and then made a bee line for the Murcielago. She was not swayed by the red colour (so much for marketing research) and pulled out her iPhone to take some photos only of the Murcielago.

The male followed his partner, but kept admiring the lines of the Countach. The Countach is very angular. The Murcielago is curvy. The T-Bird is also angular when compared to it’s neighbor, the very curvy Buick Eight.

This curvy Buick Eight would stop females in their track. Did not matter if the female was alone or accompanied by a male. They would stop and admire the Buick Eight. Any male with them kept right on going past the Buick Eight,  till they realized that the female had stopped. It was striking to watch.

So if the male readers out there want a major “Chic Magnet”, forget about buying an angular Exotic Sports Car, just find yourself a curvy Buick Eight. It is sure to attract all females who set eyes on it.