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79-year-old woman sentenced to 10 days in jail for feeding stray cats

Nancy Segula of Garfield Heights, a 79-year-old woman was sentenced to 10 days in jail, for feeding stray cats!!!

The Magistrate who sentenced her, IMHO should be fired. How about 10 days of community service, instead of 10 days in jail?

I wonder if they would let her out of jail during the day, you know like they allowed Jeffrey Epstein? Probably not, as her terrible crime of feeding cats is oh so heinous.

Having stray cats in a neighborhood helps to eliminate any problems developing with Mice and Rats.


Video is courtesy of the CBS 17 YouTube channel


Click on this link to visit AJC QAtlanta News Now website to read their news article titled: “79-year-old woman sentenced to 10 days in jail for feeding stray cats“.

Another logical option might have been for the Animal Control people to capture the cats. Instead they spent their time harassing 79 Year old Nancy Segula by giving her citations for feeding the cats.

If you could please post the links below, to as as many websites as you feel comfortable doing. The more people that become aware of this injustice the better. Maybe a good Lawyer in Ohio could help this 79 yr old lady – pro bono. The links are:

and     Thanks in advance.


Posted by Vincent Banial